LEED recognized in Dutch policy

Consider LEED AP Gerrit-Jan Teunissen, and how he successfully petitioned the Netherlands government to expand the criteria for a subset of the tax code that now recognizes the use of the latest version of LEED launched just last year.
In short, LEED is now eligible for the same tax benefits in the Netherlands as BREEAM. To our knowledge, this is the first time LEED v4 has been specifically referenced in public policy anywhere in the world.

A remarkable feat that gives the country a significant “advantage of the many game changing elements of LEED’s most up to date rating system,” as Roger Platt, USGBC’s Senior Vice President of Global Policy and Law.
Teunissen, known amongst his colleagues as “center of LEED in The Netherlands,” has been working on LEED projects since 2007, with a highlight in 2010, when the country’s first LEED building, the Royal Bank of Scotland, was certified.
BREEAM has had a well positioned presence in the Netherlands for the last five years and is incentivized by the government through tax subsidies since 2011.

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